Sholler-Cam: The only way to watch the brawl between Bones and DC

The UFC does a handful of things that don’t make a lot of sense. The highest on this list is having someone such as Dana White or in this case Dave Sholler in between two fighters when they face off. Sure there is some logic behind it, as it would look odd to have let’s say a former fighter or something such as that in between them.

I mean to be perfectly fair, you don’t need to be a genius or a trained professional to break up a fight with normal human beings. We’ve all been there, I’ve had to do so numerous times and I’m a 5’6 tube of meat and processed food. You restrain them until they calm down which usually doesn’t take more than a matter of seconds.

This wasn’t one of those situations. This was a situation with the most dominant UFC Light heavyweight we’ve ever seen went after an Olympic wrestler. Now, Dave Sholler is a brave man but you could see the fear in his eyes. His life was flashing before him, only interrupted by images of Josh Barnett flying in the air due to DC and Machida’s body going limp due to JBJ. Dave Sholler, you’re a bad dude. You deserve a round of applause.|

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