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Sh*t people tweeted @MiddleEasy during UFC on FX: Johnson vs. McCall

Sh*t people tweeted @MiddleEasy during UFC on FX: Johnson vs. McCall

We thoroughly enjoy all the social media antics during a UFC card, especially what transpires in the unfiltered landscape of Twitter. Now that we finally hit 10,000 followers, it’s only appropriate that we create a new feature on MiddleEasy entitled ‘Sh*t people tweeted @MiddleEasy during…’ It’s hard to keep a straight face when most of you out there are inebriated on whatever adult beverage of choice and thumbing away your Twitter account. Occasionally, you guys manifest absolute gems and we want to award your brain for its hard work.

During last weekend’s fight, we extended an offer to everyone following @MiddleEasy that we will publish the most entertaining tweets the @MiddleEasy account received during UFC on FX: Johnson vs. McCall. This feature would have gone up sooner if the world wasn’t still in mourning from the Pacquiao vs. Bradley robbery over the weekend. Ah well, that’s what you get for watching boxing instead of MMA. Shame on you.

Behold, our inaugural ‘Sh*t people tweeted @MiddleEasy during UFC on FX: Johnson vs. McCall.’ Don’t worry if your tweet didn’t make it in this time. You still have another shot at digital immortality on June 22nd when UFC on FX: Maynard vs. Guida goes down on a television near you.

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