Scott Coker teases signing Cris Cyborg, then goes on to call her The GOAT

Scott Coker Cris Cyborg GOAT

Remember Fake Scott Coker on Twitter? Fake Coker would have called Cris Cyborg The Goat to.

It is still strange how the relationship between Cyborg and the UFC so badly. Like the relationship was born on rocky waters and just progressively worse. Cyborg was 15-1 and the unquestioned baddest woman on the planet when she signed with the UFC.

Yet the UFC didn’t know how to promote her? Cyborg was never happy there?

One day in the far future, after the rumors and reports have settled, the real story of UFC versus Cris Cyborg will be unearthed. 2019 is likely not that day.

Now it looks like Bellator is the leading contender to get Cyborg next. Judgment Day is coming and real Scott Coker seems happy to get back in the Cyborg business. Before Bellator 225 this weekend, Cokes was all about hyping up Cyborg.

“We’ve been talking to Audie since we got the official letter from her that she was released. Sometimes fighters – and not to get into particulars – they say, ‘Oh, I’m a free agent.’ And then it turns out they’re not really a free agent.

So, we try to make sure we have all the i’s dotted. Then you get the lawsuits. At the end of the day, we want to make sure they really are free, and if they are we’ll have a conversation. We are in discussions with Audie, and I’m sure he’s in discussions with two to three people about trying to make a deal for Cyborg.”

Coker continued

“Let’s face it. I don’t care what anybody says. Me speaking about the female divisions that basically Strikeforce created in mixed martial arts when nobody else would do it, she is the GOAT of female MMA, period.”

GOAT? Amanda Nunes, Ronda Rousey, and Gina Carano may a say in all of this. MMA fans saw what happened in Stipe versus DC 2, sucks some BS will stop Cyborg vs. Nunes 2 from ever happening.

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