San Francisco area man says Jon Jones is the most genuine person he knows

A man in California has praised Jon Jones as the most genuine human being in his circle of extremely superficial friends.

“The thing about Jon is, he’s relatively unpretentious,” said Ben Hollister, while sipping a half-decaf, half-caf steamed soy milk latte.  “Compared to my friend Jazz Lightbody, for instance, he’s like a more fit Mother Theresa.”

Hollister met Jones at a private art showing in January, and the fighter fit easily into his tolerably cordial assembly of hipster poets, underground music critics, freelance blog journalists, and law school students.  “He smiles now and then, so that is refreshing.”

Daniel Cormier, Jon’s upcoming UFC 182 opponent, has a different perspective.  “This guy is such a fake human being,” Cormier complained.  “He’s a fake individual . . . He’s weak.  He’s a punk, he’s a liar, he’s dishonest.  He’s a whole bunch of things that he should not be proud of being.”

Not so, says Hollister.  “Frankly, it sounds like Cormier was describing my friend Steve.  For a public radio talk show host, Steve is pretty smug.”

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