Sam-A Gets Put to Sleep with an Awesome Left High Kick

You probably don’t watch enough muay thai, that much is for sure. If I were somehow a doctor I would be prescribing a steady diet of watching dudes in Thailand throw elbows, knees, kicks and punches at each other. Especially because we live in the age of the internet and YouTube and there are people who put all of this stuff out in the wild for the world to see. This isn’t the 90’s where you’d hear about this crazy muay thai stuff but never get to really see it. Oh no.

This clip is from August 14th at the legendary Rajadamnern Stadium and is between Thaksinlek (red trunks) and Sam-A (blue trunks). Sam-A is a really good Thai fighter, but the guy has had a rough time this summer, eating another headkick KO back in June. He was doing pretty well in this fight up until the final moments and then, damn. This is why muay thai is so exciting, though.

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