Russian MMA: Where Uppercut KO’s Are Appreciated

Russian MMA has always been pretty fascinating over the years. While Fedor Emelianenko will always hold a place in our hearts as the GOAT, it’s hard to deny the impact that someone like Igor Vovychanchyn had on the MMA world. The dude was a destroyer and was known for his wild punching combinations that if they landed were probably going to put you to sleep. What’s kind of funny is that a lot of Russian fighters have been known for similar punching prowess, which brings us to this video.

This is Alexey Kudin. Kudin is a guy who has been around the MMA and Kickboxing scene for a while now, with some big victories and big disappointments. Over the weekend, though, there weren’t many disappointments for Kudin who stepped into the ring at ProFC 55 and when his fists started flying near the end of the round that was all that she wrote for EA MMA veteran Andreas Kraniotakes. Just a masterful uppercut that ended the fight. Check it out.

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