Rumor: Former WWE wrestler Ryback is in negotiations with Bellator for a heavyweight fight

I mean if CM Punk can do it then why not Ryback? For WWE fans, you last saw Ryback walking away from the pro wrestling company at the beginning of the summer, citing creative differences. A free agent on the open market, reports have now surfaced that Ryback is looking towards the MMA waters for his next payday. Ryback! Bellator!

Sound your Bellator freak fight show alert buttons because now the rumors are saying that the 6’3 291 pound Ryback is in early talks with the Spike TV promotion about having a fight under their banner. Holy. Shit.

What could go wrong?

Ryback wasn’t a huge star during his WWE run from 2012-2016 but he was able to main event a few key pay per view shows opposite of John Cena and CM Punk. Ryback vs. Bobby Lashley? Ryback vs. Dada 5000? Ryback vs. Fedor? If rumors are true. Somewhere on a whiteboard are these possible answers written in dry erase markers, deep down at the center of the Earth where Bellator holds these types of freak show fight meetings.

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