Rory MacDonald Petitions For a Title Shot Exposing His Double Life

We’ve all had our fun in the past few years talking about the dead look in Rory MacDonald’s eyes, his strange demeanor and how he seems to fit the bill with what we in society conceive to be the profile of a serial killer. It provides the lulz, as the kids say. To top it off, we’ve had the popular Showtime series Dexter to play off of these stereotypes and to show us a different side of the whole superhero secret identity.

Dexter Morgan slips out of his linen pants and short sleeve button-ups and into his cargo pants, gloves and skin-tight thermal shirt and he’s no longer the forensics nerd from the lab at the station, but a stone cold killer. You could argue that fighters have that second persona when they change out of their street clothes and into their fight gear, but for most fighters it really isn’t that different, seeing as though they eat, sleep and breath fighting. They don’t have an alter ego, it is just them.

Rory MacDonald may have given us insight into what he does when he isn’t fighting and is showing us that Rory MacDonald, UFC fighter, might be a front like Dexter Morgan the forensics nerd or Clark Kent the journalist nerd was their cover story. You see, here is Rory MacDonald pretending to be homeless man, even holding a sign asking for a shot at the UFC Welterweight Championship. Some might see it in bad taste for a guy who just walked away from UFC Halifax with $150,000 to be posing as a homeless man to ask for a title shot, but oh no, you see, there is a reason here. That reason is that this is Rory MacDonald in his natural state. This is Rory in his superhero wear. Has he shown us too much? I’m really not sure yet, but I know if I ever see Rory dressed like that I’m running.

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