Rin Nakai has another training blog out, and this time it takes place in a bathtub

The gentle lapping of the water against the linoleum in the latest ‘training’ video of Rin Nakai’s makes me uncomfortable. Actually, it makes me want to switch browsers to something far less… questionable when my wife walks into the room. But at MiddleEasy it also makes us slightly worried for Rin. Zeus thinks Rin has been taken hostage and forced to make these training videos. I’m not entirely sold on that idea, especially considering Rin could probably uchi-mata 98% of any Yakuza who wants to force her into a bathtub then take a quiet video of her cleaning herself. But we need to ask ourselves just why are these videos happening. Is the Queen of Pancrase trying to send us some sort of message? Does this somehow relate to UFC 159?

Whoever is filming and editing these videos doesn’t even care about continuity (which is extremely important in a bathtub scene). At 48 seconds, Rin goes from frothy-chested judoka to completely dry the next second. Step it up, chain-smoking Japanese guy in glasses and a $3500 suit. Come on.

Thanks to McKinley Noble for reminding us about these fascinating training documentaries.

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