Report: BJ Penn calls Jon Fitch a coward for using steroids or forgetting to bring assigned items to a BBQ

Breaking news out of former UFC’s lightweight champion Baby Jay or BJ Penn’s iPhone twitter application. Penn’s cellular phone service has finally allowed him to tweet out a message saved in his drafts for nearly four years. Penn said with a few clicks of his phone that his opponent at UFC 127 Jon Fitch is a coward.

Penn also added beer and hotdogs to his angry or hungry (hangry?) tweet directed right at the twitter account of Fitch. Was Penn trying to hype up the view count of the classic UFC 127 event on Fight Pass?? Will “The Prodigy” ever forgive Fitch for that one time he invited the AKA wrestler to a BBQ and Fitch just showed up empty handed? Rumors are Fitch was the only person at the BBQ who didn’t bring anything. Not a single item.

Couldn’t Fitch have faked it and just given Penn the napkins from his glove compartment?

With Penn retried and Fitch fighting or playing baseball in something called the World Series of Fighting, it is doubtful these two men will ever settle their differences in the cage. The entire MiddleEasy staff is locked in a room eating delicious BBQ food until more news or tweets break. Keep it locked for details.


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