Report: Bare knuckle boxing promotion looking to sign Bec Rawlings as first female fighter

Bec Rawlings BKB

No takedowns, no gloves, no problem. Last month the state of Wyoming legalized bare knuckle boxing and throughout 2017 bare knuckle events took place in Europe. (very) Old school ways of combat sports are making a comeback in 2018 and maybe UFC fighter Bec Rawlings is next to catch the wave.

In the ultimate vintage move, what if the center of the boxing and MMA Oreo cookie becomes the new normal? Halfway between the universes of boxing and MMA is the murky neon goo of bare knuckle boxing. All it takes is for one big money promoter to invest in the combat sports relic and we may have something.

Book fighters with UFC experience and TUF street cred? Maybe watching Bec Rawlings punching another female, preferably dressed old timey, with no gloves on her knuckles is something we can all get into. Bare knuckle face punching, bringing people together since the turn of the 20th century!

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