Replay: WTF? Corner man jumps over the cage to save sleeping fighter from a bad referee

When you’re the fastest growing in sport in the world, do you really have time to stop and think about fighter safety? Worst. MMA referee. Ever. From our favorite MMA promotion in India, comes another tale from the bizarre world of The Super Fight League.

It feels like we say this every couple of weeks but we once again may have found the worst referee in all of mixed martial arts. In battle of prospect Asha Roka and cannon fodder Hanna Kamf, we have a fighter getting choked to sleep, awoken when the choke is loosened a little and then choked again. This entire sequence happened while the referee in the cage is doing his taxes or checking out the newest puppy dog filter on his Snapchat account.

For the love of Fight Gods, one corner man finally climbs over the cage and stops the fight all while the referee in charge is likely flossing his teeth mid-fight.

Rather than throw in a the towel, the coaches just scaled the cage wall to save their sleeping fighter. Seriously, what the fuck?

H/T to Jolassanda for the wild clip

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