Replay: Skinny Mark Hunt knocks out Bigfoot Silva in their 6th round

Mark Hunt said coming into UFC 193 that he “half assed” his MMA career. If that’s the case, and he really half assed his MMA career, then what the hell could we expect if he took a training camp seriously? Him basically destroying Bigfoot Silva is what. Their first contest was a 25 minute bloodbath, this was a tense few minutes in the first round where Mark Hunt stalked and picked at Bigfoot Silva. Once he got his range, he moved in and made quick work of Bigfoot.

Check out this replay – Hunt hit Bigfoot so hard it looks like he didn’t know where he was, looking up for mercy or to just show that he could take at least one more shot before this rivalry was concluded.

Note: this Australia crowd is basically asleep.

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