MMA Rundown

Replay: Royce Gracie and his newfound Muay Thai knees KO Ken Shamrock in round one

Royce Gracie versus Ken Shamrock can only be viewed through the prism of a neon visor with matching fanny pack, while drinking a can of Crystal Pepsi, while listening to Pearl Jam’s album Ten on a loop. The 1990s were a great decade but this fight was a train wreck. And after Kimbo versus Dada, really how much worse could Gracie vs. Shamrock part three be?!?

Oh no Shamrock, did you just let Royce “fucking” Gracie KO with you a knee to the face. Muay Thai Gracie doesn’t need your stinking Jiu-Jitsu gi! Or was it a nut shot like Shamrock claims? Gracie your striking precision is just so precise.

Watch the ending of a bizarre fight, that the Fight Gods let sneak past security in 2016. Gracie with Muay Thai knees is officially greater than or equal to 90s Gracie in a gi.

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