Renan Barao Divorces Pizza and Pasta, Citing Career Aspirations

What kind of man blames pizza for his inadequacies in life? What kind of a world do we live in where pizza is somehow the villain in the equation because Renan Barao couldn’t make weight once in his entire career? This all seems pretty weird to me. Yet, here we are, with Renan Barao blaming pizza and pasta as to his whole weight cutting fiasco back in August at UFC 177.

You know, the time when he ended up in the hospital due to a bad weight cut and Joe Soto had to step in to save the day and actually put on a pretty good performance? That was because Renan Barao likes pizza and pasta, which he claims to now have cut out of his diet.

Barao claims that he will now eat healthy and follow his nutritionist’s orders, which seems like a good idea for a fighter on his level to do, especially after that scary moment from August. I don’t know, I don’t think that pizza is the bad guy here. Somehow this is Team Alpha Male’s fault.

Pizza and pasta were not available to comment, although this video will have to do.

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