Rashad Evans couldn’t fight at UFC 170 because he was too busy breaking down Spawn comics

We’ve already praised Todd McFarlane a numerous amount of times on MiddleEasy, but nearly every time I get into Rob Liefeld someone has to inform me that he’s widely considered the worst artist from the Marvel-to-Image transition era in the 90s. In fact someone told me to Google ‘Rob Liefeld’s worst drawings’ and it brought up a really pretentious list of 40 questionable Liefeld illustrations. Among the numerous complaints, people insist that Liefeld hates drawing feet, something that on retrospect at looking at my collection of X-Force comics, those people may be right. Still it doesn’t negate the fact that Liefeld created characters like Deadpool, Cable and Shatterstar — all of which are well due for their own solo Marvel film.

Although Rashad Evans may believe that he’s somewhat of an Image Comic nerd, I will bet everything I have in my right pocket that I will outnerd him in a nerd-off competition. See folks, I was a comic nerd before it was cool to be a comic nerd. I turned down going to prom to watch a marathon of Star Trek: The Next Generation with my dad. Your move, Rashad.

Nevertheless, let’s all watch Evans break down the concept of Todd McFarlane’s Spawn — and if they did remake the movie, Idris Elba should play

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