Pic: Todd Grisham’s Barber Under Investigation for International War Crimes

Damn, Todd Grisham. Someone has straight fucked up your head.



Coming into UFC Mexico City, Todd Grisham was a known for a variety of things in the MMA community. Some people knew him as the guy they were happy to see replace long time play-by-play Mike Goldberg. Some wrestling fans knew (hated) him from his time with the WWE. Some people will never forgive him for mispronouncing Kazushi Sakuraba’s name. (Me. I will never forgive Todd Grisham for mispronouncing Kazushi Sakuraba’s name when announcing that he became part of the UFC Hall of Fame. Just disrespectful of the culture, man.) But we definitely didn’t recognize him as the guy with the fucked up haircut.

But that’s all in the past now. Todd Grisham showed up on television looking like this. There simply is no going back from this. It’s a persona defining move. Might as well resign yourself to a career’s worth a ridicule. What’s really unforgivable is that no one in production had the balls to step up and say, “Hell, no. This will not happen on television.” Some one should have sat Grisham down and given dude a quick fade. I don’t care how oddly shaped your head is, anything is better than this.

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