MMA Rundown

Pic: Joanna Jedrzejczyk marks Saturday on her office calendar as “beat up a bitch day”

Mic dropped. If Joanna Jedrzejczyk wasn’t already the most savage UFC champion in the game, she just solidified her power ranking with dry erase marker. Set for the co-main event spot of UFC 211 this weekend versus Jessica Andrade, Joanna Violence quietly pulled off some next level shit talking on the latest episode of UFC Embedded.

Known for writing inspirational quotes on her water bottles, Jedrzejczyk tossed subtlety to the ground and flat out wrote on her office calendar that this Saturday May 13th will forever be called national beat up a bitch day. UFC211: beat up a bitch day, does have a nice old school UFC PPV ring to it. Good luck with that Jessica Andrade.

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