Conor McGregor Can Regain Glory, Just Ask Paul Pierce

Paul Conor Mcgregor
Paul Conor Mcgregor

Paul Pierce Believes in Conor McGregor

Ex-NBA All-Star and soon to be Hall of Famer Paul Pierce has a lot of belief in Conor McGregor. So much so, that he believes he can ascend to the top of the UFC and rule as king as he has before in the past.

For some odd reason, Pierce spoke to Submission Radio, which is a show of pure MMA gold. For anyone who doesn’t know why that’s weird, Pierce is a former NBA Champion with the Boston Celtics. Pierce is also a 10 time NBA All-Star who we would truly have a tough time finding any evidence pointing in the direction that Paul is a hardcore fan of MMA.

Nonetheless, Pierce had the honor of being on Submission Radio.

Pierce Speaking to MMA Media

Pierce specifically spoke about the relationship between combat athletes and NBA players. Especially ones that want to make it to the top level and remain there. Stating that there’s mutual respect, Pierce noted how both MMA athletes and NBA players know the grind that it takes to become great.

As the interview went on, pundits asked Pierce about Conor Mcgregor, because he was in attendance for Conor vs Khabib at UFC 229. They asked directly about what Pierce feels like Conor’s issues are outside of the octagon, on his ascension to the top of the MMA world.

“You got so many eyes watching you. So the person you were years before… before you became the megastar, you have to adapt to being a superstar, understand that people are going to try and pull you down,” said Pierce.

“So, you have to be smart, be smart in what you do, how you say, how you act in the public eye. Because now you’re looked upon as a champion, as a person who rose to the top while other people are trying to pull you down. So, you have to change your ways if you want to stay on top.”

Advice From “The Truth”

Pierce finished by offering some sound advice to McGregor. Stating he believes Conor can rise to the top again, he just has to change some things.

You learn you move on, you mature, and you grow from it,” said Pierce.

Although Paul Pierce has been known to have questionable outlandish hot takes as an NBA analyst, he seems spot on with his advice for Conor. And, maybe McGregor will take the advice.

After all the trouble he’s had outside of the octagon, something should change. Maybe… just maybe, Paul Pierce will be the spark that realigns Conor McGregor.

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