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On This Very Special of the MMA Hour Nothing Bad Happened, Brian Stann Just Retired

On This Very Special of the MMA Hour Nothing Bad Happened, Brian Stann Just Retired

I know that I’m not the only one who hears about a “very special episode” of something and my mind immediately turns to when sitcoms in the 90’s were having very special episodes. It almost always revolved around something awful happening to one of the children on the show and always ended with the cast sitting around with their serious faces on and telling you that whatever horror you just witnessed was not a joke, but in fact something serious. They then give you a hotline to dial and then hope that they made a difference.

So when we all heard about a “Very Special Episode” of the MMA Hour, my mind immediately went into overdrive trying to predict what it would be about. Would it be like the episode of Diff’rent Strokes where the bicycle man tried to get Arnold and Dudley drunk and look at cartoon porn, then take a bath with him? We all heard the story circulating about Dana White slapping Ariel Helwani, even if it was seen as nefarious and a bit made up. The MMA world would need to be preparing for a tear-jerker, alright.

Apparently Brian Stann, best known from some of his wild brawls in the WEC and the UFC, has retired from MMA. After taking that scary knockout from Wanderlei Silva at UFC on Fuel a while back, he has decided to step down from active competition and just continue supporting the UFC and doing analysis.

I hope that we all learned a very valuable lesson from this special episode of the MMA Hour.

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