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Nick Diaz is spiraling, starting random beefs and we still don’t know who he’s talking to

Nick Diaz is spiraling, starting random beefs and we still don’t know who he’s talking to

Stop us if you’ve heard this before, but we have no idea what the hell Nick Diaz is trying to say. Our Diaz to Google translate button is broken. Send help.

The MMA world is more interesting with the Diaz brothers in it. In order to get Diaz back into MMA, you know actually fighting, we must communicate with him. Over the last few days Diaz has taken to social messages with some cryptic one line messages.

We think Nick is upset about something. Or maybe he is happy about something? Wait, is Nick Diaz stuck in an abandoned well and needs our help? Somebody has to check in on Diaz and MiddleEasy volunteers as tribute.

Let’s try to translate Diaz’s latest Tweet storm possibly caused by weed or a blunt nunchuk hit to the head.

I’ll fight all you pussies make some money bitch

Which may mean: I’d like to fight again. I’m open to fighting anyone. Making money is important in our society.

Go ahead and pull up bitch

Which may mean: Feel free to come over, it’s 4 AM in the morning and I’m not doing too much.

Yeah that’s Koo but he ain’t like me!

Which may mean: I agree with you. I keep it real. I disagree on your last observation and comparison.

And from out of nowhere on Saturday night

Pull the fuck up then bitch

Which may mean: What is taking you so long? It’s been two days and I am still awaiting your prompt arrival.

Yeah. Um. None of that makes any sense still.

In Stockton word is bond. If the UFC’s announces Nick Diaz’s next fight this week, you can thank this last weekend’s random acts of Diazisms for getting shit done.

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