Nick Diaz might be retired from MMA, but his career as a ninja has just begun

I used to have a set of foam-padded nunchucks when I was a kid taking martial arts classes. I actually became quite proud of my nunchucking skills. I feel that somehow, Nick Diaz would have been impressed too; if he wasn’t busy mean-mugging the rest of the kids in his elementary school at the time. It’s my deepest regret that I never moved on to master the art of wheeling a samurai sword. Not sure how it would be useful in today’s society, but if the zombie apocalypse went down tomorrow, Nick Diaz would be prepared with this skill-showcase he just uploaded to his YouTube channel of him slicing an apple in mid-flight. If that apple metaphorically represented a member of the undead trying to bite him, the end result would be a zombie with half of a cranium, rendering it unable to harm anyone else in the 209. Residents of Stockton, California should be thankful to have Nick Diaz as their neighbor.

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