Nick Diaz is invading Tinychat and there is no stopping him

Tinychat. Tinychat is like the the weird southern stepchild of chat room roulette. Users can log in and create a chat room, then multiple people can join to video chat or type, or whatever people need to do in these online spaces. Back in my day we had IRC’s and AIM on windows 3.1, which were used entirely for nerdy purposes. Long story short, Nick Diaz is invading these online sanctuaries and throwing up his middle fingers like there is no tomorrow. Yes, Nick Diaz is becoming a meme, and this is good. Check out just one of the many videos popping up of Nick Diaz invading Tinychat below.

The best part of the video is the extrapolation of how Nick Diaz joined the chat room from his Honda. Click the source link below for more NSFME Nick Diaz/Tinychat videos.


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