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New video shows Krazy Horse vs. Wanderlei Silva backstage brawl and a Rizin trophy gets punted

Krazy Horse vs. Wanderlei Silva is the MMA feud that will never die. The Horse versus Axe storyline is so ongoing it’s now entering his/her teen years and is starting to slowly rebel against their parents. What began as Krazy Horse allegedly knocking out, at the time, the scariest a 205 pound human being on the planet cold in the Pride locker room festered for 11 years before being reborn at Rizin.

On the infamous night at Pride Shockwave 2005 Krazy Horse Charles Bennett’s fate was getting choked out by one of Silva’s teammate backstage; and the incident was all caught on mid-2000s video recording technology. Now thanks to The Internet never forgetting anything and Bennett’s rising from the ashes at the last Rizin, the Krazy vs. Wandy story arc is as hot as ever.

After his Rizin victory, Bennett continued to taunt Silva during his instant classic post-fight interview and the feud once again “allegedly” spilled into the backstage area. Sometimes rumors and tall tales are true because here is the first video of Silva going crazy (not Krazy) on Bennett in the locker room for cutting a promo on him. The Axe Murder is legit pissed at Bennett and even soccer kicks the hell out of his Rizin trophy for good measure.

Not cool.

So to recap Krazy Horse vs. Wanderlei Silva:-Krazy Horse by KO, Chute Boxe by locker room choke out, draw in the Rizin hotel lobby, Bennett by verbal mic assault, Wandy by Rizin trophy punt, which will all lead to ????????

Bonus: Here’s Felony Charles Bennett walking through the airport with his broken trophy that “Canday-lay” soccer kicked

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