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MMA website posts monotonous article about another stupid failed drug test

MMA website posts monotonous article about another stupid failed drug test

Moments ago, I wrote this article, which will likely slip past my stoned editor and get posted out of lazy habit.  Hector Lombard has failed a drug test, testing positive for anabolic steroids, according to some news source that’s been winding up my Twitter feed like a wounded phoenix who is just bored to death with being reincarnated.

That means his UFC 186 fight with Rory MacDonald is off.  But don’t act surprised, Rory.  There was like a 50% chance this was going to happen, Rory.  Read the news, Rory.

Everyone has been testing positive for drugs and performance enhancers lately.  Even vegans.  GSP is supposedly very upset about all this, like it’s making him think really hard about beaming down from his mother ship to sign an exclusive deal with Reebok.  But listen to him talk.  He’s on interview autopilot.  It is winter in Canada.  He has nothing else to say.

Pre-fight drug testing was a fantastically misguided decision.  Was it necessary to salvage fan respect?  Of course not, nobody was going to stop viewing because they were shaking their remote control fingers at the drug testing policies.  But now something of actual impact is happening.  Fights are getting canceled, reality shows are being reconfigured, and everyone has confirmed what they suspected all along: so many people are on drugs and performance enhancers in the UFC that it is mind-numbingly tedious.  When controversy somehow becomes so commonplace that it is boring, you know you have a real yawner of a problem.

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