MMA Fighter Goes Down In Pain, Hospitalized After Brutal Groin Kick

One MMA fighter suffered a horrendous groin kick that landed him in the hospital.

Mma Fighter Groin Injury
Mma Fighter Groin Injury - Image via @Viral Videos Youtube

One MMA fighter suffered one of the nastiest groin kicks you’ll ever see, and was hospitalized for it shortly after.

MMA fighter suffers severe pain after receiving a brutal kick to the groin and is hospitalized

During a Road FC 39 show in Seoul, South Korea on June 10, a heavyweight matchup took place between Aorigele and Myung Hyun-Man. 

The fight only lasted about seven seconds, when Myung Hyun-Man hit Aorigele with a groin kick, which clapped throughout the arena. Aorigele, who goes by the nickname Kung-Fu Panda, immediately fell to the canvas.

He was noticeably in a considerable amount of pain, nearly in tears. The kick was so hard that he was actually transported to the hospital soon after due to excessive vomiting. Check it out here:

Road FC released a statement to MMA Junkie, revealing that Aorigele was later released from the hospital and suffered no “no lasting or permanent damage.”

Aorigele has since released a video statement on the matter, admitting he doesn’t believe the groin shot from his opponent was intentional. He’d also like a rematch upon his return to the cage.

“What’s left now is to return to Road FC after a full recovery, meet Myung Hyun-Man and put on a thrilling match,” Aorigele said. “Many people might have misunderstood what happened in our match. It was totally an accident. Myung Hyun-Man didn’t do it intentionally.”

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