Miesha Tate Gets in on the Trash Talk By Trashing Ronda’s Deodorant

Man, I don’t even know. How do you make this stuff up? You can’t, that’s how weird it is that someone from TMZ would ask Miesha Tate who the stinkiest women’s MMA fighter is. This is, without a doubt, a really dumb question to ask, but at the same time it is at least different from the same few questions that MMA writers usually ask fighters.

The UFC has become a place where trash talk has clearly demonstrated its importance in building up a fighter to prominence. I’m not sure if Miesha Tate wants another fight against Ronda Rousey after the two times that Ronda was able to defeat Tate, but I wouldn’t be shocked. TMZ asks who she thinks literally (not figuratively) stinks and Tate is clear on it; Ronda Rousey.

At this point it is very clear that CM Punk has ruined the sanctity of this sport. Either Miesha is angling for another fight or she is trying to land a coveted Right Guard sponsorship, it isn’t clear yet. 

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