Javier Mendez Approves Of Khabib Nurmagomedov, Tony Ferguson Coaching At TUF

Like Dana White, Mendez is more than open to the possibility of Nurmagomedov and Ferguson coaching against each other on TUF.

Javier Mendez

You can add Javier Mendez to the list of names who are more than open to seeing Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson coach against each other.

Ferguson recently called for himself and Nurmagomedov to serve as opposing coaches on the next “The Ultimate Fighter” season.

Nurmagomedov was not only open to the idea, but UFC president Dana White as well.

And longtime head coach of Nurmagomedov, Mendez is also open to the idea as he believes the duo’s chemistry would make for an entertaining season.

“I know what I read. Dana said he’d entertain it,” Mendez said on The Schmozone Podcast. “Think about it — think about the impact it could have. Tony and Khabib on opposite ends. Could you imagine the fireworks and Khabib’s one-liners and Tony’s got it too. … It’s a real chemistry of dislike and like. This is not completely dislike, this is dislike and like. Because I think to some degree, Khabib admires Tony. He dislikes Tony but he likes Tony. I think he respects Tony. I think that Tony actually does it right. He comes at Khabib with the right type of attack. He does it correctly, he doesn’t go religion, he doesn’t go country. Tony does it in a fun way.

“Tony and Khabib, Dana, if you’re listening, I think this is a great one. I think you’re right, Dana. You’re on cue, this is a great one to do.”

Javier Mendez: Khabib Will Go Down As The Best Coach

While it would certainly be plenty of entertainment, as far as the coaching goes, Mendez believes there is only one winner and that’s Nurmagomedov.

Since his retirement, “The Eagle” has taken up a coaching role for his teammates and done it with great success so far.

So much so that Mendez believes Nurmagomedov will eventually go down as the greatest coach of all time.

“I think it’ll be a good season. Maybe they won’t fight at the end but that’s okay,” Mendez added. “They can coach against each other because Khabib to me, is going to be the uncrowned legendary best coach of all time.

“He’s taken right after his father’s footsteps. One heck of a coach. So disciplined like his dad too.”

You can watch the full interview below:

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