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Matt Mitrione Assaults Malki Kawa’s Pristine Image

Matt Mitrione Assaults Malki Kawa’s Pristine Image

LAS VEGAS, Nevada, February 22, 2015 — In an unprecedented assault UFC fighter Matt Mitrione has declared that Malki Kawa is perhaps a bad influence on Jon Jones. Kawa, best known for his managerial expertise is best known for his affiliation with UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones. At one time Malki Kawa did manage Matt Mitrione, but there was something bubbling under the surface that came out at UFC 119 where Mitrione fired Malki Kawa on air after defeating Joey Beltran.

In a recent interview the topic of Malki Kawa was brought up and Mitrione decided to once again assault the pristine image of the most revered manager in all of MMA-dom. His claims were that if he could, he would step on Malki Kawa to avoid a puddle of mud, which seems interesting. Stepping on a grown man to avoid a puddle would be difficult, by most predictions, and would truly show how little he likes the man. He explains that Kawa is a bad influence not only on Jones, but himself.

Malki Kawa has yet to reply to these harsh accusations, but we’ll keep you apprised of the situation here on, your one-stop shop for something.

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