Malki Kawa’s Phantom Punch: Analyzing the Film

Today in Las Vegas, Nevada Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier were locked in an intense staredown that resulted in Daniel Cormier shoving Jones after what he perceived as a “light headbutt” happened. Jon Jones, never one to take anything lightly, lunged at Cormier with his fists flying, resulting in one of the more chaotic scenes in UFC press conference history, with Dave Sholler flying through the backdrop, Chuck Zito tumbling off of the stage and Jon Jones on top of Cormier throwing punches.

Of course, there was someone else there whose sticky hands were all over this affair; that is Malki Kawa. Of course, we only have reports and speculation that the man in the video was indeed Jon Jones’ somewhat manager Malki Kawa, but the video evidence that has been made readily available points to Malki Kawa throwing a shot of his own while Cormier was down, something that he had to consider was best for his client.

Although, this is, much like the classic Bill Hicks skit recounting the Rodney King trial, all in how you look at it.

Now, if you’ll look here at frame one, we see the man presumed to be Malki Kawa standing over one Daniel Cormier, now notice how his arm is raised here.

Now if we look at frame two, you’ll see that the man’s arm is coming back. Back and to the left. Back… and to the left. Now why would this man’s arm need to come back? The only logical answer that we have for this if the arm was going to come down, with piston-like force upon the downed man, one Daniel Cormier.

Now here we have frame three, where we can clearly see that Malki Kawa’s arm has indeed, as we posited, came down like a jackhammer upon concrete, right onto one Daniel Cormier. What kind of man performs an action like this just to restrain another man? What kind of force is needed to grab a hold of a man? Jackhammer, piston-like palm strikes a la Bas Rutten? I think not.

Here, though, in frame four, we see the man presumed to be the presumed Malki Kawa clasping one Daniel Cormier. It is as if he is pulling Cormier out of a shopping cart like a child acting up in a supermarket for not buying him his Lucky Charms. There were no Lucky Charms at the MGM Grand on this day, ladies and gentlemen. Oh no.

Frame five tells a story, a story much like a man with huge balls would say if you were to play the tape backwards; they were just helping him up and seeing him on his way. What we are seeing here in frame five, ladies and gentlemen, is the man presumed to be Malki Kawa helping one Daniel Cormier up and helping him on his way before his explosive shoe was to fly off of his foot and towards the press, possibly saving the life of one Daniel Cormier and everyone else involved in this donnybrook.

It’s still unclear if the man presumed to be Malki Kawa was getting in his shots or helping up one Daniel Cormier and seeing him on his way, but this film, which should be known as the Molesyruder Film, will forever be pored over by MMA scholars for years to come.

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Published on August 4, 2014 at 8:29 pm
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