Mark Madsen Outstrikes Clay Guida For Split Decision Victory – UFC Vegas 34 Results (Highlights)

Madsen remained undefeated at 11-0 after a split decision victory over Guida in the UFC Vegas 34 co-main event.

Mark Madsen

A lightweight co-main event between Clay Guida and Mark Madsen is taking place now (Saturday, August 21, 2021) at UFC Vegas 34.

Round 1

Madsen is the one holding the center of the Octagon early on. Guida is swinging right hands but doesn’t land anything major. Madsen clinches him up and lands some knees. Madsen lands a right but receives an uppercut from Guida in return. Guida seems to have hurt Madsen with a right but Madsen does well to recover as he clinches Guida against the fence. They return to striking. Madsen lands some more big knees to the belly as he backs Guida against the fence. They return to striking. Not a lot of action since. Guida eats a big leg kick. Both fighters swing and miss. Guida is clinched up against the fence again and eats more knees. The round comes to an end soon after.

That was clear for Madsen.

Round 2

Madsen lands a big leg kick. He shoots soon after but Guida stuffs it. Madsen has to eat a couple leg kicks of his own. Guida is starting to have more success. Madsen clinches him up and lands a few knees again. Both fighters have slowed down a bit with not a lot being thrown. When they are being thrown, it’s mainly misses. Madsen lands a leg kick. Guida returns with his own. Madsen starts to establish a jab. Madsen lands a right. Both fighters are moving but not a lot of action in that round overall as it comes to an end.

Guida round due to his early success. 19-19.

Round 3

Guida is aggressive to start the round but the fight’s pace is slowly dictated by Madsen. Madsen takes the center and is the one advancing. Guida continues to threaten with strikes but none are landing. Madsen looks to clinch and knee him but Guida gets out of the way. Guida lands a leg kick. Madsen lands a nice front kick to the body. Both fighters exchange leg kicks. Lots of movement but not enough strikes connecting from both men. Madsen clinches Guida soon after. Guida escapes. Guida lands a leg kick. Madsen ends the fight with a jab on Guida.

29-28 Madsen for me.

Official result: Mark Madsen defeats Clay Guida via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27).

Check out the highlights below:

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