Let’s stop pretending Andrey Koreshkov didn’t have the most impressive KO at Bellator 118

If Bellator didn’t exist, Andrey Koreshkov would have starred in like eight of our Street MMA videos by now. Seriously though, for 23-year-old Russian dudes MMA is a justified reason to fight like you’re outside of a nightclub while being filmed on a phone. This fight could have occurred in a parking lot in Stary Oskol and the result would have been the same. In fact Koreshkov’s opponent Justin Baesman is lucky the cage was there, otherwise his mandible would have flown across the arena from that ridunkulous flying knee.

The only real way this flying knee could have been better is if after making contact, Andrey Koreshkov would have casually walked away — but I guess everyone can’t be Chris Beal.

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