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Known WWE crazy man Dean Ambrose says he’s interested in a UFC crossover fight if paid $500K

Known WWE crazy man Dean Ambrose says he’s interested in a UFC crossover fight if paid $500K

Is WWE wrestlers wanting a UFC fight the new UFC fighters wanting a boxing match? Cue up former WWE world champion Dean Ambrose. In combat sports, you are only as good as your last paycheck; and at the end the day your worth is only what you can negotiate it to be.

With the trend of UFC fighters constantly calling out boxers in hopes of landing a bigger contract, why can’t WWE wrestlers lobby for a chance in the world famous UFC Octagon?

At 6’4 225 pounds, Ambrose is calling for a Brock Lesnar or CM Punk style payday. Does Ambrose have any amateur wrestling or martial arts background? Not really. If James Toney and CM Punk can earn UFC lotto tickets than why not Ambrose?

Ambrose, in an interview with The Sun said:

But the 31-year-old has revealed he would be interested in a switch to MMA for a fight in the octagon if the money was right.

“I’ll fight anyone for enough money. Give me half-a-million dollars. Put them in the ring, I’ll do it right now, I’ll do it tonight.”

Floyd Mayweather and his 49-0 boxing record is trying to box Conor McGregor and his 0-0 boxing record. This is 2017, let it all hangout combat sports world; let your freak flag fly.

Somebody pay Dean Ambrose $500,000 dollars to hype up the fight, cut some promos and likely get utterly embarrassed in a MMA cage for our enjoyment.

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