Kamaru Usman Is the Worst Painter in the History of Mankind

Because of a succession of quick finishes during the Fight Pass prelim, we were treated to a variety of stale, stillborn promotional videos for the main event fighters at UFC Chile.

The best of these promotions can sometimes surprise us. The vast majority of them evaporate from your memory faster than dewdrop in a desert.

And then sometimes, the unintentionally hilarious reveals itself.

While filming the promotion of this main event, I can only imagine some poor Fox Sports producer excited to get to know the personal life of an upcoming Lightweight contender in Kamaru Usman. As they scheduled filming at Usman’s home, their minds were probably swirling with the possibilities of how this intriguing man must spend his free time.

Well, it turns out, Kamaru Usman spends his non-MMA time creating some of the worst art any human has ever made. Seriously, even Usman’s children paint with a better sense of composition.

Check out just how bad Usman’s painting skills are.


How can you tell America that painting is a hobby with a straight face, and then produce the equivalent of a kindergarten finger painting? That might be insulting to kindergartners. I can only pray that Usman was straight bullshitting, and this was the first time he has ever picked up a brush. Because if not, I’m just embarrassed for you, man.

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