Justin Gaethje makes the best case for why Nick Newell needs to be in the UFC

Nick Newell UFC

The UFC having or holding itself to a level of competition is a myth. There is no such thing as ‘UFC level’ of competition. Now 14-1 in his MMA career, Nick Newell deserves to be in the UFC lightweight division.

Be it Strikeforce, WEC, Pride, Bellator, ONE FC or wherever, top 5-100 level fighters have always competed outside of the UFC.

For several years Newell should have been able to test himself for the UFC’s roster of fighters. Newell was born with congenital amputation of his left arm, so he basically fights MMA with one and half arms.

Per UFC.com,there are over 100 fighters in the UFC’s 155 pound. There is no way in hell over 100 lightweight fighters are better than Nick Newell. Not even 50. Maybe 30, but who can be sure until we see the fights.

Let Newell sink or swim in the UFC like any other prospect before him. Former opponent and the only man to beat Newell in MMA, Justin Gaethje says it best.

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