Junior dos Santos’ commercial acting abilities are way better than yours

I’m not quite sure how I feel about a guy like Junior dos Santos ripping off his shirt and grunting in front of the camera. The dude doesn’t even have any lines — it’s just his testosterone and his fabricated love for soccer. Grunting can get you pretty far in the TV realm — and if you don’t believe it, watch Valhalla Rising. Although it’s not necessarily TV, it does involve a bad ass not uttering a single word for pretty much the duration of the entire movie. Go watch it if you want to feel inferior for the rest of the week.

So JDS wants to sell you on some contest that involves be a super soccer fan, but before he does that he needs to take off his shirt and flex his muscles. Seriously though, this entire idea is horrible — I could have spun around and slam my toes on a keyboard and formulated a more coherent idea than this. Props to Garrbanzzo for the +100 news tip.

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