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UFC 239: Jorge Masvidal Slams Fans For Criticizing Late Blows; ‘Don’t Watch MMA’

UFC 239: Jorge Masvidal Slams Fans For Criticizing Late Blows; ‘Don’t Watch MMA’

Jorge Masvidal Defends His UFC 239 Extra Blows To Ben Askren

UFC 239 was a great night of fights. Most notable however, was Jorge Masvidal, and his record-setting knockout of Ben Askren.

When Jorge Masvidal and Ben Askren were leading up to their UFC 239 featured bout, there was much bad blood. There were tons of back and forth between these two, which nearly boiled over on a few occasions. Askren was even convinced that he was stuck in Masvidal’s head.

So, when the fight was ready to take place, there was much excitement. However, nobody expected what we got when the two clashed. Jorge Masvidal would charge across the cage, and land a massive flying knee directly into the face of Askren, who was shooting for a takedown. Additionally, the five second knockout is the quickest in UFC history.

Despite this, there is much controversy around the events after this  record-setting fight. Subsequently, when Askren was clearly unconscious, Masvidal landed two extremely hard shots to Askren’s face.

In the post-fight press conference, Masvidal was asked if the strikes were necessary.

“they were super necessary. what do you mean why were they not necessary? The referee hadn’t pulled me off, and my job is to hit somebody until the referee pulls me off. so to those people i would say maybe  don’t watch mma. go back to soccer.”

Some bold words coming from Masvidal. However, he makes a valid point. Although, I am sure he was happy to land the extra blows, he is not required to stop until being told otherwise.

This is a big win for Jorge Masvidal, and one of the craziest knockouts in a while.

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