Nate Diaz Evens the Score, Earns Majority Decision Win Over Jorge Masvidal – Masvidal vs. Diaz 2 Results (Highlights)

Diaz outstruck 'Gamebred' through 10 rounds to pick up the decision on two of the three judges' scorecards.

Jorge Masvidal Vs Nate Diaz Boxing
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Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz stepped inside the squared circle for a sequel five years in the making. 

The first time the two former UFC stars went toe-to-toe was in 2019 when they headlined a pay-per-view event to crown the first-ever BMF titleholder. That night, ‘Gamebred’ came out on top via a doctor’s stoppage TKO at the end of the third round. 

Returning nearly a year after his loss to Jake Paul in his pro boxing debut, the ‘Stockton Samurai’ looked to even the series against one of his greatest rivals inside the Octagon. 

Round 1

Things get started early with the two stepping into the center of the ring. Curiously, Mavidal comes out in the southpaw stance. Masvidal gets caught in the corner early as Diaz looks to pepper him with a few shots before ‘Gamebred’ circles away. Diaz attempts to duck his way inside as Masvidal offers a few strikes over the top. Diaz appears to be landing the higher volume and Masvidal sticks him with a jab. 

Diaz continues to push the pace as we approach one minute left in the round. Masvidal puts his guard up and lets Diaz tee off on him, mixing up strikes to the head and the body. Masvidal starts to open up in the waning moments of the round, landing a nice left hook to close it. 

Round 2

Diaz picks up right where he left off in the first, putting on the pressure and throwing volume. Masvidal fires back with some power strikes that have Diaz rethinking his strategy right away. Diaz looks more interested in landing pot shots while ‘Gamebred’ tries to land power. Masvidal rips to the body, but Diaz comes right back with an onslaught of strikes up top that has Masvidal covering up against the ropes.

Masvidal circles away and closes the distance in the center of the ring, though it’s Diaz landing all the shots in close. Masvidal throws a right up top followed by a shot to the body. They finish the round trading blows mid-ring. 

Round 3

Diaz moves in early, but it’s Masvidal letting his lands go in the opening 30 seconds, tagging Diaz at will before deciding to pace himself. Masvidal unloads to the body of Diaz as the ‘Stockton Samurai’ continues to land strikes with little behind them. Diaz backs Masvidal into the corner and lands a couple of shots, but Masvidal punches his way out of danger. Before long, Diaz backs him into another corner and throws with reckless abandon, forcing Masvidal to move quickly.

Masvidal lands a nice right hand followed by a stiff jab from the southpaw position. Diaz comes right back, but Masvidal’s shots are much more impactful than what Diaz is offering. They once again end the round going blow-for-blow in the center of the ring.  

Round 4

The fourth round starts with Masvidal sticking to southpaw and looking good while doing it, landing shots on Diaz as the California native continues to move in. Diaz briefly ties up before the two separate. Diaz continues his unorthodox striking and eats a big left hand for his trouble, followed by a nice jab. 

Another jab from Masvidal lands followed by a one-two combination. Diaz keeps the pressure coming, attempting to tire out Masvidal, but ‘Gamebred’ continues to make him pay in close, ripping to the body. Diaz tries to retaliate, going to the body, but Masvidal defends well before unleashing his own offense through the end of the round. 

Round 5

The fifth round continues the same trend with Nate Diaz pushing the pace, but offering little in the way of danger as Masvidal continues to stay in close and landing on the body. Masvidal throws a flurry of strikes to the head of Diaz, though none of them lands clean. Diaz begins to taunt Masvial as we enter the final minute of the round. 

Diaz traps Masvidal in the corner and throws a few shots before ‘Gamebred’ circles out and briefly clinches up. Diaz picks up the volume, but a beautiful combination from Masvidal negates the volume of Diaz in the waning seconds of the round. 

Round 6

Diaz comes out swinging big, but Masvidal ducks under. Diaz moves in and Masvidal lands a nice right hand, catching the Stockton native coming in. Diaz pressures Masvidal against the ropes and unleashes a series of strikes on his opponent, but Masvidal comes back with a stiff jab that pops Diaz’s head back. Masvidal circles out and works around the outside of the ring, pumping his jab and counterstriking. 

Masvidal looks like he’s begging to slow as Diaz continues his relentless pressure. Against the ropes, Masvidal lands a big left hook that sends Diaz stumbling backward. Masvidal follows it up with another stiff counter left just before the bell sounds. 

Round 7

Diaz immediately takes the center of the ring and lands volume on Masvidal who is content to cover up and take whatever his opponent gives him before unleashing a power left. Masvidal goes back to the body as he circles away from the ropes and gets back into open space. Masvidal swings big with a left, but connects with a right hand over the top. 

A three-punch combo from Diaz lands and Masvidal comes right back with some vicious body shots. Masvidal lands yet another jab. Diaz responds with a sneaky uppercut in the clinch. Diaz’s striking is getting more lackadaisical with each passing minute, allowing Masvidal to succeed with his counters.

Round 8 

It’s essentially the same story in round eight with Diaz throwing a variety of low-impact shots while Masvidal looks to punish the ‘Stockton Samurai’ with power. However, it appears as though ‘Gamebred’ is running on empty as Masvidal is unable to muster much in the way of power shots until the latter seconds of the round. 

Masvidal and Diaz stand in the phone booth and trade shots center ring with Masvidal landing some big right hands before sending Diaz back to his corner. 

Round 9

Diaz comes out casually walking toward Masvidal before letting his hands go, unleashing a few shots in the corner. Masvidal circles the ring as Diaz plods forward. Masvidal tries to make Diaz pay with a combination, prompting Diaz to tie up. Back in the center, Masvidal unloads a couple of right hands as Diaz comes back with a combination punctuated by a jab. 

Masvidal fires back with a left. 60 seconds to go in the round, Diaz lets his hands go, briefly stops to taunt Masvidal, and then resumes the attack. Masvidal attempts to fire back, but he’s unable to land anything significant, prompting Diaz to once again taunt his opponent. Masvidal moves in with a right land followed by a couple of overhand lefts. The two tie up as the seconds tick off in the penultimate round. 

Round 10

With the fight potentially on the line, Diaz comes out swinging from the opening second, eclipsing over 650 punches thrown. Still, Masvidal has landed more throughout the fight and at a higher clip than his opponent. That trend continued in the final round as Diaz continued his approach of pushing forward and throwing non-stop. Diaz lands a nice three-punch combo before popping Masvidal in the face with a well-placed jab. 

Masvidal absorbs everything that Diaz throws at him before throwing his hands up in the air. Masvidal gets back to work, throwing a stiff left hook. Diaz ties up and Diaz lands a few short shots from the inside. Masvidal throws a right and Diaz comes back with the left. They tie up in the middle of the ring as the final seconds tick off the clock, bringing an end to the bout. 

Official Result: Nate Diaz def. Jorge Masvidal via majority decision (95-95, 97-93, 98-92) 

Check Out Highlights From Jorge Masvidal vs. Nate Diaz Below:

Published on July 7, 2024 at 2:06 am
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