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Jones-DC 2 booked, bad shadow boxing, Chuck and PVZ dancing, the UFC on GMA was weird

Jones-DC 2 booked, bad shadow boxing, Chuck and PVZ dancing, the UFC on GMA was weird

If you like the local morning news and the live TV train wrecks they often produce then this post is for you. For every Joe six-pack and Cathy causal the UFC attempted to explain the 23 year history of mixed martial into a 10 minute Good Morning America segment and the results were horrifying. Pro cage fighting was not meant for peppy caffeine drenched early morning television.

It felt like the Ultimate Fighting Championship was trying hit on Good Morning America. The result of the UFC trying to drunkenly make-out with GMA are these video clips. Cringe watch all of them if you can.

Oh dear Fight God look at this shadow boxing GIF.

This is the UFC that wants you to take it home and meet your parents. This is the UFC that knits you a sweater.

Bruce Buffer was there to do Bruce Buffer things

The UFC on GMA is molding into the physical form of the first week your parents discovered Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat.

UFC, stop trying to be cool and impress GMA! UFC contracts state that if a fighter appears on your morning show they must choke you out. Choke? What’s a choke? Never heard of it!

Chuck Liddell wasn’t paying attention. Good for Chuck Liddell. Never change Iceman.

At least the UFC 200 main event was announced. So awkward.

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Pic: Seeing Joanna Jedrzejczyk rock the Reebok Alien Stomper shoes from Aliens is epic
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