Jon Jones thinks that challengers seeing title belts gives superhuman powers

Bones knows cage psychology. The king of the 205 pound mountain for over three years, Jon Jones the champ learned an important lesson from Jon Jones the challenger. Never let your opponent see the belt prior to the sound of the opening bell. 
According to Jones if a number one contender sees the champion’s belt in the cage prior to the fight it’s akin to building an under water slaughterhouse right next to a neighborhood of great white sharks. The mere sight of the UFC’s light heavyweight gold on January 3rd at UFC 182 from the eyes of Daniel Cormier could turn the former Oklahoma State wrestler into an invincible ocean beast that even Jones couldn’t hope to stop. 
Theories and hearsay are all great but does Jones’ have any scientific data to back up his hypothesis? The 27 year old Jones broke out the whiteboard and sharpies when he chatted it up with MMA Fighting
“When I fought Shogun, his brother Ninja Rua brought the belt out to the cage,” Jones said. “And when I was in the cage and I saw Ninja was holding the belt over Shogun, I remember feeling this feeling in my heart that there was nothing in the Octagon that could happen where I wouldn’t leave without that belt.”
Interesting but it’s not like just seeing the belt would you give you super human capabilities? Or would it? 
“I’m watching Shogun, and then I just see that belt and all my nervousness went away,” Jones said. “Everything went away. I was like, ‘whoa, the belt is right there. I can view this. It’s so close. I’m probably going home with the belt.’ I just became superhuman after that and that’s probably why Shogun lost so much. That belt, I got to see it right before the fight. You dangled it over me.”
Jon Jones not only crushed the hearts of every single Shogun Rua fan the night he became champion but he may have also stumbled upon a breakthrough in prize fighting strategy. Since his win over Rua at UFC 128, Jones is a perfect 7-0 in title defenses. If Jones and the Xyience energy drink company could just find a way to bottle his theory, they could both be multimillionaires. 
Red Bull gives you wings but what if Xyience Championship Edition gave you the ability to steal your opponent’s soul. Which would you choose? 
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