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Jon Jones Takes Plea Deal in Strip Club Case

Jon Jones Takes Plea Deal in Strip Club Case

Jon Jones Accepts Plea Deal Involving Strip Club Incident

Legally, Jon Jones’s strip club legal woes have been resolved. Back in April, Jon was charged with battery after a strip club conflict. Allegedly, Jones was uncivil with a bartender and slapped her on her private area. Originally Jones pleaded not guilty. Now, Jones has taken a plea deal.

Details of the Case

The alleged victim stated that Jones came up behind her and put her in a rear-naked chokehold. Reasoning listed for the choke was the bartenders’ refusal of giving Jones a table dance at TD’s Eubank Showclub located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Once Jon freed the woman from the choke, he allegedly slapped her genitals.

Initially, Jon was charged with a misdemeanor battery charge. At that time, Jones pled ‘not guilty’ and denied all accusations.

Police’s Conclusions

Albuquerque police also concluded that there was no substantial evidence that led to the accuser’s accusations. Even after investigation and interviewing witnesses. Police also tried to work with the victim. But, she stopped cooperating with the law amidst the investigation.

Even so, Jones agreed to take a plea deal in the case. However, in the state of New Mexico, taking the plea doesn’t count as Jon admitting to being guilty.

The situation is strange because no witnesses could confirm that an actual crime took place. Also, the police already told TMZ Sports, “There was not enough evidence to proceed with the petty misdemeanor charge of battery under New Mexico state law.” So why would Jon take the plea if he first admitted to being innocent?

Results of Taking the Plea

Nonetheless, Jon was sentenced to a 90-day deferment program. During the 90 days, Jon is not allowed to consume any alcohol or drugs. Additionally, Jones won’t be allowed to visit the victim’s place of employment or contact her. Under unsupervised probation, Jones will also have to pay a number of court fees.

If Jones abides by the guidelines listed, all of the charges listed will be completely dropped.

As more details emerge, we’ll follow up to give detailed updates going forward.

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