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Jon Jones Rips Former MMA Journalist, Who Was Convicted Of Child Pornography

Jon Jones Rips Former MMA Journalist, Who Was Convicted Of Child Pornography

Jon Jones Shares His Disguise Towards Iain Kidd, A Famous Former MMA Journalist, Who Was Found Guilty Of Child Pornography

Jon Jones hasn’t fought since UFC 214 on July 29, 2017, when he defeated Daniel Cormier via head kick and punches. Yet, the result was overturned to no contest when his sample was tested positive on Turinabol, an anabolic steroid.

Jon Jones could face a potential four-year ban from USADA. Yet, “Bones” somehow slipped through with only a 15-month ban, following “substantial assistance rule”. It started from the retroactive date of July 28, 2017, when the offense was made.

Many people suspected “Bones” of snitching to USADA to get a reduced sentence. Daniel Cormier even once publicly called him “a snitch and a cheater“. A former Bloodyelbow writer and famous MMA journalist, Iain Kidd, was one of the people who criticized Jon Jones regularly. Jones’ “snitching accusations” were never proven.

Yet, Scottish writer hid a dark secret. Iain has been a sexual predator for nearly 12 years – it was proven in the court of law!!! Iain Kidd recently pled guilty for downloading and owning indecent photos of children. Police issued a search warrant for his mum’s home, where 984 images and 496 videos of child pornography were found!

Iain Kidd was sentenced alongside his friend Fillip Hannisdal to a Community Payback Order with supervision for three years as a direct alternative to prison! Both men were handed a Restriction of Liberty Order. It means they must stay at home from 7 PM to 7 AM during the next six months.

But these weren’t the worst things! Both men were put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for three years. They were prohibited from any kind of non-supervised contact with the children under the age of 16!!!

Jon Jones, a father of five daughters, took everything personally. He ripped Iain Kidd on his Twitter and Instagram pages.

 “Bloody Elbow reporter and one of my biggest critics Iain Kidd receives only six months of probation for having over 1000 pictures and videos of Child Pornography. On top of this he lives in the Hillington part of Glasgow, Scotland NEXT TO 3 SCHOOLS! Take a look at his face ladies and gentlemen. Those are the eyes of a true Predator!” – Jon Jones

“One of my biggest critics bloody elbow reporter #IainKidd was just busted for having possession of over 1000 images and videos of #ChildPornography. As a father to only daughters, I absolutely hate people like this, and try not to hate anyone. Lucky he doesn’t live in my city.” – Jon Jones

Michael Chiesa joined the former UFC Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones, putting Iain Kidd on blast too.

“Iain Kidd what a scumbag you are. This guy condemns fighters through his journalism yet he was just found guilty of collecting and filming child pornography over a 12 year span including acts of bestiality. These are the worst types of people that exist today.” – Michael Chiesa

Very sad news for the MMA world. Who’d say a famous writer like Iain Kidd is such a monster?

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