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Watch: Jon Jones gets pissed & walks off in the middle of an interview

Watch: Jon Jones gets pissed & walks off in the middle of an interview

Jon Jones is kind of the GOAT for this move alone. If there is a case to be made for Jon Jones losing at UFC 232, this may be it.

Bones biggest enemy has always been himself. Inside the cage no opponents have really come that close to dethroning the King, but what if the king does himself in?

From the physical side of things, Jones looked ready to go at UFC 232. Mentally? It feels like Jon Jones has gotten shook more than a few times during fight week. Bones has let two separate MMA media members get in his head throughout the week.

Jones is the most talented fighter MMA has ever seen but at the last presser he was rattled by a reporter. The entire UFC 232 presser was an odd journey for Jones. He just didn’t feel all there.

On Friday, Jones was again gotten to by a reporter. Shout-out to our Canadian dude Aaron Bronsteter but this is pretty hilarious. What begins as a friendly interview becomes combative on Jones’ side with a flip of the switch.

Sure Jones was smiling the whole time but it was an awkward moment for all involved and almost felt fake. Jones sense of humor and sometimes his personality has always been a little weird; on edge even. If this was an isolated incident, maybe we’d just ignore it but for Jones this has become a pattern of behavior.

Let’s watch Jones walk out of an interview right in the middle of it. Bones gonna Bones or is something really off heading into UFC 232?

Update: Hmmmm

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