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Video: Jon Jones tells female reporter ‘You suck. Do better at journalism.’

Video: Jon Jones tells female reporter ‘You suck. Do better at journalism.’

Izabelle Kostic you are our hero. Also today may be the day Jon Jones has officially jumped the shark. It was a good run Bones.

Jon Jones was already done being fake but now he’s gone full heel and our bodies are not ready yet. Be gentle Bones, Jesus Christ. Today at the final press conference for UFC 232, Jones just went off on a MMA reporter.

All roads led to this but even we didn’t expect it to be this good. After today, every MMA fan is frantically Googling Izabelle Kostic. The funny thing is, it took a MMA reporter from Sweden to truly get under the skin of Bones Jones.

This is great. This is beautiful. Frankly, DC should be taking notes.

And one more time because we can’t stop watching how damn awkward this all is.

Izabelle Kostic: “Jon, why is this the third time we’ve had to come to an event and talk about your positive tests instead of the fighters on the card?”


Jones: “Next question. Someone take the mic from her. You suck. Do better at journalism.”

Holy shit.

UFC 232 may go down as one of the biggest tire fires in MMA history and we’re here for all of it. You know somebody is going to miss weight or get injured before Saturday night, right? The Fight Gods are just unloading their clip at this point. They got quotas to meet in 2018.

How messed up can make this sport be? We’re holding the Fight Gods’ beer and we’re all trying to low-key sneak a sip. 2018? Make it a double.

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