Video: Jon Jones tells female reporter ‘You suck. Do better at journalism.’

Jon Jones UFC 232 media

Izabelle Kostic you are our hero. Also today may be the day Jon Jones has officially jumped the shark. It was a good run Bones.

Jon Jones was already done being fake but now he’s gone full heel and our bodies are not ready yet. Be gentle Bones, Jesus Christ. Today at the final press conference for UFC 232, Jones just went off on a MMA reporter.

All roads led to this but even we didn’t expect it to be this good. After today, every MMA fan is frantically Googling Izabelle Kostic. The funny thing is, it took a MMA reporter from Sweden to truly get under the skin of Bones Jones.

This is great. This is beautiful. Frankly, DC should be taking notes.

And one more time because we can’t stop watching how damn awkward this all is.

Izabelle Kostic: “Jon, why is this the third time we’ve had to come to an event and talk about your positive tests instead of the fighters on the card?”


Jones: “Next question. Someone take the mic from her. You suck. Do better at journalism.”

Holy shit.

UFC 232 may go down as one of the biggest tire fires in MMA history and we’re here for all of it. You know somebody is going to miss weight or get injured before Saturday night, right? The Fight Gods are just unloading their clip at this point. They got quotas to meet in 2018.

How messed up can make this sport be? We’re holding the Fight Gods’ beer and we’re all trying to low-key sneak a sip. 2018? Make it a double.

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4 thoughts on “Video: Jon Jones tells female reporter ‘You suck. Do better at journalism.’”

  1. I see there is no name to this article: MIDDLEEASY @MIDDLEEASY
    Why ask this question to JBJ when you can ask a pharmacist, doctors or scientist who specialize in the physiological actions of the human body. These are the people that Andy Foster and Jeff Norvitzky spoke with. So, why not speak with one of them to get your answers? I am sure JBJ hasn’t taken classes in Human Anatomy and Physiology. The question she asked was why is JBJ still here and not have a 2 year suspension like Frank Mir? That question has been answered by Andy Foster and Jeff Norvitzky but they could have been clearer.

    Okay, I will try… Tom Lawler had a 17 picograms and Frank Mir had a score similar to JBJ at 60 picograms. Both fighters stated they didn’t know where it came from and it wasn’t resolved. They were give 2 years suspension. Here is the difference, JBJ was caught with using Turinabol back in July 2017. Now, JBJ had better representation and the decision on his suspension got drawn out. Whatever discussion that came up about him helping the USADA came into play…I am sure there were a lot of discussion on the inadequacy of how long the metabolite of Truinabol stays in the body during JBJ representatives discussion with USADA and CSAC. Personally, I think the testing got exposed and this happen only because JBJ had good representation. Now, they are saying that the metabolite can be in the human body much longer than understood before. They told Lawler and Mir after a few months, it didn’t matter. Lawler and Mir couldn’t afford the same kind of representation that JBJ got that would have exposed these inadequacies.
    The reporters should be demanding to speak with these experts scientist…why aren’t they coming forward and reporters are wasting your time attacking JBJ. He doesn’t have the answers you want or need. You guys don’t understand the science and neither do the athletes/fighters.
    How does a picogram of a metabolite that gives no athletic advantage to a fighter remain in the body for up to 2 or possibly more years. My small knowledge of Human Anatomy and Physiology says the issue is between understanding the difference between water soluble and fat soluble substance.

    We have water and fat soluble vitamins and drugs work in similar fashion. Water soluble substance are flushed out of the body systems pretty quickly. If Truinabol is fat soluble, then there is a possibility that when ingested, it could be stored inside fat cells. Now, the amount that is store in fat cells will be different in amounts and some fat cells will have none. So, when the human body is needing energy and there is no immediate sugar or glucose available or the body simply go after fat that is in the cells for many biological functions, it will randomly select fat cells to metabolize for use. Again some fat cells will have the metabolite and some will not. It is a random selection. Added with the timing of the collection event by a USADA technician, it would be like playing russian roulette. The timing of the body selecting the right fat cell to metabolize and the collection of a USADA technician to collect blood and or urine is all random. This is why you can have many clean samples and then come up with a atypical sample.

    As for JBJ, the sample picogram as stated by USADA and CSAC and their experts, that this sample was not a new ingestion but a residual affect from his original ingestion. That the picogram size could be in his system up to 2 year or “Forever” as stated by the experts. They finally admitted they don’t know!!!
    They can’t punish JBJ (15 months) again for a substance that was already there. This is the difference between JBJ and Lawler and Mir. For Lawler and Mir, it was their first time but I believe they were mistreated by the USADA and the commission who looked for the quick easy answer. The fighters should actually be thankful for JBJ ability to have the resource to fight the system. The true problem is the fighters are disorganize and a fighters union needs to happen if the want to be able to fight this kind of injustice.

    Again this really should be answered by an expert scientist in this field. Maybe there is some embarrassment involved by the experts because the evidents or process is always changing. Or is it that they were incredibly indifferent to Lawler and Mir? For certain, this information isn’t being stated clearly enough but the reporters are asking the wrong people and JBJ isn’t going to be able to give you the answers. His team did what they were suppose to do and this has expose potentially some of the experts, the companies and agents involved. You will get your answers but you have to ask the right questions to the right people.

  2. To Middle Easy Reporters & Staff,
    I just watch Joe Rogan’s interview with Jeff Novitzky and it was so informative on many of the questions that should have been ask. It relates well to my previous post earlier this morning. Rogan ask outstanding questions that clearly moved this discussion down the right path to understand the issue on why JBJ tested atypically. Novitzky gave a excellent discussion on if you are taking the Oral Truinabol it breaks down into the parent substance and 3 metabolites that are form within the body. Roman numberal 1 is the short active metabolite, Roman numberal 2 is the medium active metabolite and we have the longer active metabolite in which Novitzky has stated that JBJ has only shown the long active metabolite. Rogan than ask excellent questions on JBJ potential source of ingestion and that the July 2017 positive test could have been a results of ingesting a year before that test “BECAUSE” there was no short or medium active metabolite. This is is why the experts believe this wasn’t a “NEW” ingestion… There is some great discussion between these to and Rogan ask the right questions to an individual who knows the answers…Please watch this video and share with others…and please stop picking on poor JBJ!!!

    I would focus more on helping Tom Lawler and Frank Mir get some justice both had no idea where they were exposed and the length of time is so large…USADA and whichever commission that game them 2 years should be a shame of themselves. Ask the hard questions to the commissions. How many reporters go to the commission and have the guts to ask these difficult questions on the treatment of fighters like Lawler and Mir. Maybe we should be encouraging these fighters to organize themselves with a union. Discuss the pros and cons of what that would mean to the not only the Lawler and Mir but to the fighters that are just beginning.

    Joe Rogan | Jeff Novitzky Explains the Jon Jones Situation


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