Joe Rogan is the Staph Whisperer

Immediately on the heels of giving Demetrious Johnson one of the greatest set of accolades he’s ever spoke in the octagon, and giving Mighty Mouse one of the best UFC moments of his career, Joe Rogan showcased the real reason why he is the true voice of the octagon.

One half second after seeing Kevin Lee walk out, Joe Rogan had properly diagnosed Kevin Lee with a Staph infection. The last of the old masters of the UFC commentary booth was adamant immediately as he saw it. Even Daniel Cormier and Jon Anik’s pleas to avoid rampant speculation fell on deaf ears.

Of course, no one knows Staphylococcal like Joe Rogan.


Initially as Rogan made his claim, your natural instinct could be to question this assertion. Certainly, doctors would have recognized this infection before the fight, right? If Joe Rogan can recognize the signs of Staph from 100 feet away, surely a doctor could find it during an examination, you think. But no. Joseph Rogan sees Staph like no man alive.

Thankfully for Kevin, Joe Rogan is not hindered by the limitation of modern medicine. Rogan identifies infections by reading auras. The Staph called to him.


Naturally, the non-believers Jon Anik and Daniel Cormier proclaimed their faith in the doctors of the Nevada State Commission. And after a submission defeat for Lee, it seemed as though we’d never know about Lee’s Staph status. But Joe Rogan wasn’t having any of that. After only two questions with the main event loser, Rogan got right to what was on his mind all fight, the Staph. And amazingly (also, stupidly) Kevin Lee just admitted to having a Staph infection all week long, including during his weight cut.

Naturally these are all huge healthcare no nos. In fact, the whole incident points to gross negligence from both NSAC and UFC doctors, both of whom inspected Kevin throughout fight week.

The infection does round out the narrative of Kevin Lee’s struggle making weight. And explained his sharp lose of cardio early in the fight. But that’s the breaks; it’s a cruel, cruel game.

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