Joe Rogan Responds To Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington’s Slap Threat

Colby Covington is one of the top-ranked 170-pound fighters in the UFC, threatens to slap longtime UFC commentator and podcast host Joe Rogan earlier this week, after Rogan mentioned that brash welterweight should mind his words carefully when speaking of a bigger fighter like Jon Jones.

Rogan used his podcast as a platform to respond Covington and try to calm things down:(Quotes via MMAMania)

”Colby Covington, don’t slap me,” Rogan said with a smile. “You said you were going to slap me? Don’t slap me. I was talking s**t. Because I was telling that Jon Jones might slap him. ‘I might slap you!’ I like Colby, I like what he’s doing. He’s talking a lot of s**t, I’m just saying be careful who you talk shit to. Talking s**t to Jon Jones … he’s one of the baddest motherf**kers who ever lived.”

”He’s making a lot of money, he’s being smart,” Joe said. “The reason Colby is fighting for the title, the reason Colby is going to fight Rafael dos Anjos for the interim title, is not just because he’s beaten good guys, because he has beaten Demian Maia. But it’s more importantly that he’s going to put asses in the seats. Part of the fight business now. There’s pre- and post-Conor McGregor, and post Conor McGregor the game has changed. It’s red panties night, baby. Everything’s different.”

Here Rogan said uncomplimentary words about Covington.

”That is not really, I’m just going to be honest, this is not the resume of someone who you would normally see fighting for the title right now,” Rogan clarified. “I think he’s fighting for the title based not just on beating Demian Maia, who’s a really tough guy, but on the fact that he’s a controversial, very popular character. Because he talks so much s**t. And talks so much s**t about Brazilians.”

A welterweight contender who has a beef with several fighters and is known for calling Brazilian fans ‘filthy animals’ after his win over Demian Maia at UFC Fight Night 119 event in Sao Paulo, Brazil last year. Covington is riding a five-fight win streak and slated to face former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos for the interim welterweight title at UFC 225 on June 9 in Chicago.

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