Joanna Jedrzejczyk Thanks Her Massage Therapist With a Huge Punch to the Gut

Joanna Jedrzejczyk, the current UFC Strawweight champion (and new host of The Ultimate Fighter alongside Claudia Gadelha), goes by many names, mainly because most people don’t want to deal with her alphabet soup of a last name. People call her Joanna Violence, Joanna Champion even the Polish Female Yoshihiro Tajiri… Ok, maybe not that last one but I digress. She might as well could have been called the “Killer Koala” of the UFC. Her ability to be adorable but at the same time be an absolute savage is second to no other.

This is documented perfectly in this latest video of Joanna acting all sheepish and cute then punching the shit out of her massage therapist in the stomach. After she watches her victim double over in pain and curses, Joanna seems surprised and apologetic at the pain she inflicted… But we know she enjoyed the violence.

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