‘I’m Gangster, M’fer!’ Jamahal Hill Flames Jiri Prochazka In All-Out Rant Regarding Recent Comments

Hill took multiple shots at the former champ.

Jamahal Hill Rant
(via Jamahal Hill's YouTube channel)

Jamahal Hill wasn’t happy with Jiri Prochazka’s latest interview. 

Just like Prochazka, the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion also relinquished his title due to injury. Hill suffered a rupture to his Achilles tendon during a basketball game, which leaves him on the sidelines indefinitely.

As you might have seen, Hill shared a wholesome encounter with Prochazka about the injury.

Prochazka Says Hill’s Weight Gain Could Have Been A Factor In Injury

Things would change though with Hill hitting out at Prochazka for his recent comments on ‘The MMA Hour’.


“He have like a big weight,” Prochazka said of Hill’s injury. “He is turned to a big weight. And especially for the ankles and all these, all these areas like knees, ankles, it’s for the body. It’s a very big weight. If you turning your weight like more than normal than the knees and ankles, it’s bad. So that was the, that was the first like logical thing about that, why it can happen.”

‘This Is The Same Guy Who Popped His Shoulder Out?’

After listening to this, Hill would respond.

“First off, how much do I weigh?” Hill replied to Prochazka on his YouTube channel. “I have no idea how much I weigh. You have no idea how much I’m used to walking around at none of these things, right? But well come on and say these things. I have my Achilles repaired by one of the best doctors, by the best doctor in the world, okay? And he told me there was nothing that I could do. My tendon was already bad. I had tendonosis already, already existing in the tendon. So it was only a matter of time before it ruptured.

“That is something that I didn’t have control of. Now, if it ruptures in a title fight, that’s a way worse situation. I lose my title, I’m in rehab and a whole lot of other things. It is just a bad thing one way or the other. And it’s funny that you talk about ‘logically’ and speaking of the body… This is the same guy who popped his shoulder out and then let his buddy yank on his arm to try to put it back in place and destroyed his shoulder and did that as the champion of the world. How is that logical or smart? but you know so much about the body and body parts and things. Come on, bro.”

This wasn’t all Hill had to say in response to Prochakza. He was just getting started. 


In the interview, Prochazka says he liked Hill’s ‘very simple’ fighting style and would call likely title challenger Alex Pereira’s style an ‘upgrade’ of his and that there is ‘more logic’ behind the Brazilian’s style… Hill tried his best to counter the critique.

“There’s a lot of power in the basics, and a lot of people would agree that you don’t have them,” Hill said of Prochazka. “Which is why you try to do things like throw a spinning elbow or a flying knee and crazy things. If you’ve ever trained for a certain amount of time, anytime you’ve seen that, somebody gets in there like they just start throwing crazy knees. That’s because they’re not really technically sound like that. They need something big or athletic to happen.”

“I can beat you big athletically,” Hill proclaimed. “I can beat you technically, I can beat you any way I want to. You don’t have those options. I wouldn’t expect him to see the understand it whenever he sees it and Pereira being the upgrade for me. We gonna see. That’s the good thing about it. We get to see. I can’t wait to be back. Come on, man.”

Prochazka: ‘Everybody In This Game Trying To Be Like Two Gangsters’

While trash-talking has become a common occurrence in MMA, especially today, Prochazka has never been a fan of all the hoopla.

“Just be normal. Because everybody in this game trying to be like two gangsters,” Prochazka stated. “And it’s all about just to stay gangster before somebody in the cage and then fight, then show me the best performance ever you ever can do. So, that’s all about that. Not about the speaking before. This is sometimes, not stupid, but sometimes it’s like trash.”

Hill: ‘I’m Gangster, M’fer’

While Prochazka didn’t mention Hill’s name (or any name) when talking about this, ‘Sweet Dreams’ took it personally.

“I’m gangster, motherf*cker,” Hill said to Prochazka. “How am I supposed to take that? How are y’all gonna take that? Because you talk about trying to be gangster, trying to be what, what was the video that you made after I won the title? You supposed to be resting and recovering. Everything that I’ve said. The ‘where you at though?’

. And all that was in response to him calling me out. So, you trash for calling me out. Right? Why you talking? You only supposed to just show it, right?

“You don’t let Ariel talk you in, bring you in. And now he’s got you looking like a fool like he is because he’s salty. He gets soggy and he doesn’t care. He just tries to make points. Even whether there is none. Champ, you better than that. Don’t let him suck you in like that. It’s pathetic, bro.”

Watch Jamahal Hill’s full rant below.

Published on August 2, 2023 at 2:01 pm
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