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Hendo brings an end to the TRT era with a legendary knockout over Shogun Rua

Hendo brings an end to the TRT era with a legendary knockout over Shogun Rua

I rarely leave my apartment in Hollywood in fear that something out there will alter my life in a negative way. Tonight, I stayed up in fear that I would sleepwalk and accidentally venture out of my front door. It’s too dangerous out there in the wilderness of the real world. There are these things called ‘cars’ that you have to watch out for. Sometimes they run over people, sometimes they don’t. However, ‘sometimes’ is an infinitely larger probability than ‘never,’ so I can’t risk it. Confined in my bubble of fabricated security, I can control every variable within my apartment without the need to do any real social interaction. It’s great. You should try it more often. Being a hermit can also greatly reduce the chance of Dan Henderson punching your brain cells out of your skull.

You all saw it. Shortly after Hendo vs. Shogun, I proclaimed that it would be silly if the UFC assembled these two men together for a rematch. A few years later and I’m comfortable saying that I was absolutely wrong in my initial assessment. We saw like three KOs tonight in the course of three rounds, however Hendo’s recovery is greater than Western Europe after WWI.

The blow that Hendo used to rock Shogun didn’t even have the full torque that we’re used to seeing from Hendo — that astronomically-strong overhand right that forced many fighters to astral travel. However it just goes to show you that any physical connection from a Dan Henderson right hand will knockout a human being and restart the rotation on any medium-large planet in the galaxy. Props to Zprophet for the .gif.

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