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Sean Strickland Overwhelms Uriah Hall Over Five Rounds – UFC Vegas 33 Results (Highlights)

Strickland made it five wins in a row following a dominant unanimous decision win over Hall in the UFC Vegas 33 headliner.

Sean Strickland Overwhelms Uriah Hall Over Five Rounds – UFC Vegas 33 Results (Highlights)

A middleweight headliner between Uriah Hall and Sean Strickland is taking place now (Saturday, July 31, 2021) at UFC Vegas 33.

Round 1

Both fighters start by jabbing each other. They are certainly striking heavy early. Strickland is starting to walk Hall down. Strickland lands a right during an exchange. Strickland starts to establish a jab. Hall lands a nice counter right and is starting toland more on the counter. Hall connects with a big leg kick. Strickland continues to jab Hall up. Strickland starting to unload a lot more as Hall continues to back up. This round’s all about the jab from Strickland. Hall lands a nice counter right that gets Strickland’s attention. Strickland with a one two that connects. Hall blocks a head kick. Hall starts to get aggressive and is moving his head a lot more. The round ends.

I score that to Strickland.

Round 2

Hall starts things off with a nice jab. Hall is putting the pressure and lands a nice right. He attacks the body as well. Strickland connects and seems to have hurt Hall. Hall backs up as Strickland starts to unload. Hall defends a takedown attempt but is clinched up now. Hall eventually separates. Hall sees his leg kick checked. Strickland is slightly on the backfoot but continues to jab. Hall is jabbing as well now. Hall connects with a leg kick. Hall is doing much better now. The fight is momentarily stopped as Hall eats an accidental groin kick. The fight resumes. Hall lands a big jab. Strickland lands a leg kick. Strickland blocks a spinning wheel kick to the head soon after.

Hall for me only slightly. 19-19.

Round 3

Hall has come out aggressive. Lands a couple of leg kicks as Strickland continues to slow down. The momentum seems to be swinging but Strickland is still in this as he continues to jab away. Strickland trips Hall and starts landing big ground and pound. Hall gets to his feet. Strickland trips him again but Hall is back to his feet. Strickland still has his back. Eventually, Hall is on his back. Strickland passes to half-guard. Strickland looks for an arm triangle but goes for ground and pound. Hall gives up his back but manages to fight a rear naked choke attempt.

Dominant round for Strickland. Could be a 10-8. 29-27 to Strickland.

Round 4

Hall going forward. He misses a big right but lands a heavy leg kick soon after. Strickland checks one soon after. Strickland starts to back him up though. Hall is still in this. The action slows down as neither fighter lands anything significant. Hall lands a jab but needs to connect a lot more in succession. Strickland starts to get more busy before Hall attacks his body. Both fighters now exclusively jabbing each other. Strickland wobbles Hall with strikes and goes for the finish before a takedown attempt. Hall defends but eats some knees. Hall is much slower now but ends the round swinging.

Another round to Strickland. 10-9.

Round 5

Hall opens up the final round with a jab to the stomach. Hall connects with a leg kick. Hall continues to be active as he knows he needs a finish. However, Strickland eventually walks him down and clinches him up against the fence. They return to striking. Hall is swinging but missing bad. Hall starts to slow down bad but Strickland isn’t looking for the kill as of yet. Strickland clinches him up against the fence again. Hall separates twice but finds himself clinched up against the fence yet again. After a while, Hall finally separates. Time to empty the tank now. Hall is swinging but gets backed up to the fence again. Strickland is riding it out before going for a takedown. He ends the fight strong.

I have it 49-45.

Official result: Sean Strickland defeats Uriah Hall via unanimous decision (50-44, 50-45, 49-46).

Check out the highlights below:

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